POLE II от Singing Rock
 POLE II от Singing Rock
 POLE II от Singing Rock
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    7 180 руб.

    Harness for work positioning

    • anatomic padded waist belt ensures minimal bruising and enough comfort in the waist area
    • two side D-rings for work positioning according to EN 358, tested for 15 kN
    • two braided gear loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg
    • slots designed for a secure hanging of expensive equipment (such as power saw, drilling machine...) with a strength of 1 kN
    • SPEED buckle allows easy manipulation when dressing up and undressing
    • low weight

    Recommended use:

    • for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height
    • possible combination with full body fall-arrest harness BODY II
    • Сертификация EN 358; CE 1019
    • Вес 595 г [size M/L] (± 15 г)
      POLE II
      7 180 руб.