SPINEL от Singing Rock
 SPINEL от Singing Rock
 SPINEL от Singing Rock
 SPINEL от Singing Rock
 SPINEL от Singing Rock
 SPINEL от Singing Rock
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    8 060 руб.
    Fully adjustable four buckles sit harness ideal for mountaineering and winter climbing

    • 4 Rock&Lock buckles made of stainless steel to increase corrosion resistance
    • 2 buckles in a waist belt enable to center the harness, keeping the gear loops in an optimal position
    • thanks to the Rock&Lock buckles on the leg loops it is possible to put the harness on without having to take your skis or crampons off
    • for both leg loops and the waist belt the variable width webbing is used
    • new webbing is more durable, works better in our R&L buckle and makes tightening smoother
    • ergonomic construction combines maximum comfort and low weight
    • padded waist belt and leg loops are made of EVA foam and breathable PES fabric with high abrasion resistance
    • fixed bridge between the leg loops provides greater safety in a case of incorrect tie-in
    • 2 slots for additional carabiner PORTER
    • rear haul loop with a load capacity of 30 kg
    • 4 ergonomic braided gear loops are shaped to facilitate handling and to provide enough space for your climbing gear
    • 12 mm belay loop for proper tie-in/attachment point, strength 15 kN
    • BMI adjusting system ensures the perfect fit when changing layers or weight
    • Сертификация CE 1019; EN 12277
    • Вес 430 гр [размер M/L]
    • Цвет Серый
    • Размеры S, M/L, XL
      8 060 руб.