DOME от Singing Rock
 DOME от Singing Rock
 DOME от Singing Rock
 DOME от Singing Rock
 DOME от Singing Rock
 DOME от Singing Rock
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    8 510 руб.
    Ultimate big wall harness designed with essential aid climbing features,
    built for the maximum comfort and durability

    • even being the most robust harness in our line, it is still very lightweight
    • waist belt with more coverage than most harnesses and rugged exterior fabrics designed to withstand serious abrasion
    • ergonomically shaped padding provides maximum support and comfort for long days on the wall
    • two buckles on the waist belt: Rock&Lock buckle provides fast and smooth adjustment while the threading buckle allows the harness to be perfectly centered
    • adjustable leg loops with Rock&Lock buckle enable to put on the harness when wearing skis or crampons
    • tie-in points which have the most abrasive wear are reinforced by PAD webbing
    • 7 braided gear loops with a load capacity 5 kg
    • rear haul loop with a load capacity 50 kg
    • 2 color distinctive belay loops for proper tie-in/attachment point, strength 15 kN
    • 2 slots for additional carabiner PORTER
    • fixed bridge between the leg loops provides a higher safety in case of wrong tie-in
    • easily detachable rear elastic straps
    • suitable in combination with the chest harnesses ALADIN and ALADIN PLUS
    • Сертификация CE 1019; EN 12277
    • Вес 560 г [size S/M/L] (± 15 г)
    • Размеры S/M/L, XL