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 SEAMASTER 3D от Singing Rock
 SEAMASTER 3D от Singing Rock
 SEAMASTER 3D от Singing Rock
 SEAMASTER 3D от Singing Rock
 SEAMASTER 3D от Singing Rock
 SEAMASTER 3D от Singing Rock
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Fully adjustable harness for rope access with a padded wide waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps. Suitable for work positioning, fall arrest and work restraint situations. This harness is specially intended for workers at offshore oil platforms.

  • stainless steel components makes the harness ultimate choice for offshore operations
  • padded waist belt, shoulder straps and leg loops 
  • wide waist belt provides maximum comfort when working at height
  • narrowed padding and webbing on the shoulder straps in a neck area enhance comfortable work 
  • reflective printing on the waist belt increases the visibility in dark working conditions
  • front attachment point for fall-arrest according to EN 361 
  • front lower attachment point for descender placement or work positioning according to EN 813 
  • side attachment points for work positioning according to EN 358 
  • 3 braided gear loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg
  • heavier items up to 35 kg can be attached to the webbing on the waist belt
  • additional loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg offer additional space for the gear and better gear orientation
  • combination of standard and SPEED buckles enable fluent and fast adjustment to fit the users body
  • special construction of central loop provides excellent comfort when hanging in the harness
  • easy fixing of CAM CLEAN ascender in vertical position is provided by stitched strap between lower front attachment point and front tie-in point
EN 358; EN 361; EN 813; CE 1019
1870 г. [size M/L]
S, M/L, XL