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 ROOF MASTER от Singing Rock
14 710 руб.

Некоторые наши товары отсутсвуют на складе в России и могут быть доставлены с задержкой до 2-х месяцев.
После заказа с вами свяжется наш очень уважаемый Сергей и уточнит наличие и сроки поставки желаемого вами снаряжения, при необходимости - скорректирует ваш заказ.

Оплата будет доступна вам после подтверждения заказа.

Lightweight and fully adjustable full body harness. Most suitable for work on inclined areas and roofs. The unique Singing Rock MOTION SYSTEM gives the user freedom of movement without being restricted by working rope or fall arrest system. An ideal solution for working at heights where the precise positioning and free movement are important.

  • the MOTION SYSTEM ensures precise positioning and maximum comfort of movement during work
  • during the fall arrest to the back red textile attachment point EN 361, the MOTION SYSTEM efficiently splits the energy of the fall to the particular body parts
  • the front fall arrest point EN 361 (the red light alloy D-ring) is placed lower than usual and makes a full use of the advantages of the front part of the MOTION SYSTEM
  • thanks to the MOTION SYSTEM it is also possible to use this attachment point for work positioning, without limiting the user‘s movement. The user is thus able to work without any problems, while being at the same time safely attached to the fall arrest attachment point and protected against the possibility of fall.
  • the red D-ring can also be used as EN 813 because it functions as an extension of the whole mobile bridge
  • easy adjustment of the waist belt and comfort during putting the harness on are ensured by two buckles (STANDARD on the right side and SPEED on the left side)
  • the side textile loops for the work positioning EN 358 are highlighted by red sewing and can be used for two carabiners at most
  • the 3D waist belt is equipped with a rubberized strength fabric with number of attachment holes through which the reep cord can be drawn to create different kinds of loops, or to which the additional carabiners for the tool bag can be attached (the maximum bearing capacity of each hole is 10 kg)
  • the belt is also equipped with two standard grey textile loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg
  • the ring-shaped leg loops are lightweight, yet very comfortable, their size can be easily adjusted with the steel buckles and they are connected to the work positioning belt by an elastic strap at the back
  • a neoprene pocket for small objects on the right leg loop
  • reflective printing on the waist belt increases the visibility of the harness
CE 1019; EN 358; EN 361; EN 813
1570 г. [размер M/L] (± 15 г)
S, M/L, XL