INDY EVO PLUS от Singing Rock
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    Manually operated descender device with double auto-locking system

    • allows a descent at a controlled speed and stop at any time
    • for use with static (EN 1891) and dynamic (EN 892) ropes
    • with a suitable rope allows the lowering of two people at the same time
    • double auto-locking system locks both when the lever is released or when it is pressed
    • particularly suited for works at a height and for emergency self evacuation
    • for rescue situations according to EN 341 use with a static rope of diameter 11 mm (allowed load 150 kg) 
    • for working situations according to EN 12841 use with a static or dynamic rope of diameter 10 - 12 mm for one person lowering (max. load 100 kg), of diameter 11 - 12 mm for two persons lowering (max. load 200 kg)
    • fox working situations according to NFPA-L use with a static rope of diameter 10 - 13 mm (one person lowering)
    • Сертификация CE 0426; EN 341/2A (Ø11 mm); EN 12841/C (Ø10-12 mm); NFPA-L (Ø10-13 mm)
    • Вес 450 г.