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 PHARIO от Singing Rock

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3 800 руб.
Этот товар отсутствует на складе в России. Если он Вам очень нужен - напишите нам на info@singingrock.ru, мы решим этот вопрос.

Срок поставки товара в этом случае - до 2 месяцев.

New generation of energy absorber for via ferrata routes, ropes courses and adventure parks, without carabiners.

   - in accordance with a new standard EN 958:2017
   - for all users, from the kids to the adults weighting 40 - 120 kg
    (88 - 265 lb)
   - fall indicator label enables fast inspection of tear webbing energy absorber
   - ideal for all of those who wish to choose their own carabiners
   - recommended carabiners type „K“ according EN 12275
   - tear webbing energy absorber stored in more resistant cover
   - twisted loop for an easy attachment to the harness
   - maximal length of the activated fall absorber 190 cm
   - elastic lanyards length: 50 cm, extended length: 90 cm
   - color distinction between the lanyards for easy manipulation and avoiding the twisting
   - rounded shape for easy handling
   - central eye with the strength 12 kN for resting and belaying

Recommended use:

   - via ferrata
   - ropes courses and adventure parks

290 г.
СЕ 1019 EN 958:2017