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 COLT SET от Singing Rock

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6 350 руб.
Five full-size hot forged durable COLT quickdraws with solid gates intended for sport climbing at reduced price

  • hot-forged I-beam construction makes the biners very light and still extremely strong with 11 kN gate open rating
  • top straight carabiner equipped with the Keylock system and special shaped grooves which facilitate clipping and cleaning the bolts
  • bottom bent carabiner with the key ock system for smooth clipping and unclipping the rope
  • bottom bent carabiner equipped with a rubber O-ring to hold the carabiner in correct position and to facilitate clipping the rope
  • durable and easy-to-grab vari-width 16/25 mm polyamide webbing
  • each carabiner is individually tested for the strength 10 kN
  • COLT quickdraw is reliable and durable solution for crag climbing and when working on routes
легкие сплавы, полиамид
99 гр (одна оттяжка)
1019, EN 566, EN 12275, UIAA
Допустимая нагрузка на оттяжку
22 kN
Длина оттяжки
11 см
Ширина оттяжки
16/25 мм